Resort World offering free gift for Internet Explorer 9 users


One hit wonder social game developer Game Insight appears to have partnered up with Microsoft for a promotion within their popular game Resort World. Currently, any player who is using the Internet Explorer 9 browser will get the free Computer History Museum decoration as a gift for logging in.

This promotion is only available through November 30th, and all you need to do is install Internet Explorer 9 and log in to Resort World to be eligible. The prize will be delivered right to your gift box. Resort World is an interesting partnership for Microsoft. The game's traffic is considerable, with almost 2.7 million monthly players and 543,000 daily active players, but it's definitely not in the top games or developers. It's curious that Microsoft didn't partner up with one of the larger social game developers such as Crowdstar or RockYou! to do a promotion like this.

Would you install a new browser just to get a gift in a game you play? Or do you think this is too much work for a simply decoration?