Ranch Town welcomes new goats to the herd


Are you bored with the same ol' horses, cows, and chickens in Ranch Town? You can now increase the variety of your herd with the new Goat available in the Holliday's Supplies shop. This new goat can be harvested every 30 seconds and gives out 28 coins and Goat Milk. It can be yours for only 600 Meteor Credits, which makes the goat a pretty average priced animal in Ranch Town.

Ranch Town has been bleeding users pretty heavily over the past few weeks. The game has lost 95,000 players in just the last week alone. That's a pretty big deal for a game that only has a 650,000 players. If it gets much worse, we're fearing this game may be headed for the chopping block. At least, we won't be covering it in our regular rotation anymore unless it picks up in activity.

What do you think Meteor Games could do to reinvigorate Ranch Town? Do you think the game has a chance?