Pet Society will raise up to $50,000 for World Wildlife Fund with your help

Playfish and WWF
Playfish and WWF

Do you love animals? We mean, do you really love animals? Well, how many new Pet Society players do they mean to you? Playfish is holding a charity event to raise up to $50,000 for the World Wildlife Fund by Jan. 1 2011. However, the only way to contribute is to bring new players to the game using the link specified on the Pet Society Blog.

For every new player introduced to the game through the special link Playfish will donate 10 cents to the organization, which fights to sustain suitable habitats for animal life. Want to contribute directly? Fortunately, the WWF Department in the Pet Society Boutique is open for business with Playfish donating 10 percent of every purchase made there to the WWF as well--which we doubt Playfish will close anytime soon.

So, how can you go about spreading the good news of pet care addiction and the WWF? Why, share the link on Facebook and Twitter, of course. Submitting the link to sharing services like Digg and Reddit should do the trick as well. Well, you could always just tell your friends and family in person, but this is the Internet Age--who needs interpersonal communication anymore?

How will you go about spreading the news of this charity event? Let us know of your methods in the comments. Add Comment.