Ooh la la! New French Kitchen set arrives in PetVille

PetVille is always brewing up something charming in the game for players (and their pets) to enjoy. This new limited time French Kitchen theme is great, because it comes in three different colors so that you can match it with whatever room you are trying to decorate. This is yet another truly massive theme, with tons of decorative items down to the littlest spices for the spice rack. The Blue Kitchen items will only be available for 5 days, and the rest will stick around a bit longer. Here's a sneak peek at all the items in this new French Kitchen collection:

Pegasus Range Hood - Blue: 38 Pet Cash
Hanging Skillet - Steel: 7,000 coins
Stainless Griddle: 8,000 coins
Braid of Garlic: 8 Pet Cash
Imperial Stove - Blue: 45 Pet Cash
Steaming Saucepan - Steel: 10 Pet Cash
Gemini Stove - Blue: 43 Pet Cash
Caprica Stove - Blue: 45 Pet Cash
Side View Skillet - Gold: 6,500 coins
Potted Lavender: 13 Pet Cash
Potted Mint: 11 Pet Cash
Ornate Shelf: 7 Pet Cash
Balsamic Vinegar: 5,000 coins
Rosemary Infused Olive Oil: 5,500 coins
Fruit Basket: 7 Pet Cash
Basket of Baguettes: 10,000 coins
Hanging Saucepan: 6,800 coins
Hanging Skillet - Gold: 7,000 coins
Boiling Stockpot - Steel: 11 Pet Cash
Side View Skillet - Steel: 8,000 coins
Caprica Stove - Pink: 28 Pet Cash
Gemini Stove - Pink: 26 Pet Cash
Imperial Stove - Pink: 28 Pet Cash
Sizzling Wok - Gold: 11 Pet Cash
Potted Parsley - 11 Pet Cash
Potted Basil - 11 Pet Cash
Ornate Spice Rack - 9 Pet Cash
Ground Cayenne Spice - 4,500 coins
Yams Spice - 4,500 coins
Chili Powder Spice - 4,500 coins
Oregano Spice - 4,500 coins
Bay Leaves - 4,500 coins
Ground Cumin Spice - 4,500 coins
Cinnamon Spice - 4,500 coins
Ground Turmeric Spice - 4,500 coins
Curry Powder Spice - 4,500 coins
Ground Mustard Seed Spice - 4,500 coins
Caprica Stove - Black: 28 Pet Cash
Gemini Stove - Black: 26 Pet Cash
Imperial Stove - Black: 28 Pet Cash
Pegasus Range Hood - Black: 7 Pet Cash
Jar of Honey - 4,500 Coins
Mixed Peppercorn Spice - 4,500 coins
Grains of Paradise Spice - 4,500 coins
Clad Skillet - Gold: 8,800 coins
Hanging Wok - Gold: 7,000 coins
Golden Griddle - 8,800 coins
Steaming Saucepan - Gold: 10 Pet Cash

This set is enormous, so even if you don't want to transform your kitchen into a Parisian masterpiece, you could still buy bits and pieces of the set to make your kitchen feel more cozy. Our personal favorites are the potted herbs, such as Mint and Basil. The attention to detail is pretty remarkable here with this new set. So what are you waiting for? Quit reading and hop over to PetVille to check out the new French Kitchen items!
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