New FrontierVille Mission: Where Have The Pumpkins Gone?


A new limited-time-only mission has been released in FrontierVille, and it comes in the form of a quest called "Where have the pumpkins gone?"

The new quest is actually a fairly simple one, and has you planting 70 pumpkins, harvesting 70 pumpkins, and collecting 10 Shipping Labels. For those that are long-time FrontierVille players, you may already have these ten Shipping Labels in your inventory, as we were asked to collect them once before in one of the Aunt's List quests. Otherwise, you'll need to post a news item to you wall asking your friends to send you the Shipping Labels.

Once you start the mission, you'll have just one day to finish it, unlike the two day time limit seen in the "It's Canning Time" mission that was released earlier this week. As for this mission, you'll need to start it before November 16, when it expires.

This quest seems to be much easier than the previous quest, however, as you don't have to plant as many Pumpkins as you did Tomatoes, and your Pumpkins take an hour to grow, meaning that you also have an hour after that to come back to the game to harvest them (none of the 15 minute rushing seen with the Tomatoes).

The reward for this quest is 300 coins, and a Small Pumpkin II decorative item. With Thanksgiving being the next big holiday, it's nice to see FrontierVille jumping straight into the festivities, and we'll be sure to let you know if this continues in the future.

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