Mafia Wars honors Carlito's Way with a sharp dagger and snazzy jacket

Carlito's Way
Carlito's Jacket"Never forget" seems to be Zynga's new motto in Mafia Wars with the new Carlito's Way promotion. To pimp the DVD and Blu-Ray that released earlier this year, the studio released one of two limited edition items today. The first, aptly named Carlito's Way, is a gleaming dagger with 76 Attack and 44 Defense that can be yours for 35 Reward Points or about $8 (yikes!).

The second item, Carlito's Jacket (pictured right), doesn't seem to have made it into the game yet--we'll take an educated guess in saying that it'll be an Armor item with high Defense. While it's definitely admirable that Zynga would pay homage to one of the great mobster flicks, we're somewhat disappointed that more wasn't done with the opportunity. Even a single job to master for each item would have been more entertaining. Not to mention this is far from the first time Zynga has squandered an opportunity like this. I'm looking at you, Cafe World. Stay tuned to Mafia Wars for when Carlito's Jacket becomes available for purchase. (Also an educated guess, but we're not too terrible at this.) Now, where's my Tommy Two Times Armor item?

[Via Mafia Wars Blog]

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