Lunchtime Poll: FarmVille Halloween decor - save it or sell it?

farmville halloween decor poll
farmville halloween decor poll

I have admit -- I'm always a little sad during the first few days of November. That's when I usually have to take the winter coat out of mothballs and put away the Halloween decorations. That means two things -- winter weather is officially here, and my favorite holiday of the year has already come and gone.

That sadness was magnified this year when I logged into FarmVille and my other Facebook games, each one decorated in a spooky theme, and I realized I had to figure out what to do with my virtual Halloween decorations as well. Do I store my Halloween items? Sell them? Or let them hang around a little longer?

I decided I'm going to try and store as much of this stuff as possible so I can reuse it again next year -- just like I do in real life. FarmVille rolled out a huge storage cellar a few months ago, which will hold my Haunted House, Spooky Trees and other goodies, and most of the other Facebook games I play have plentiful storage as well.

The stuff I don't have room to store? Guess it's going to get sold back for a fraction of the price. Who knew virtual decoration disassembling could be just as tedious it is in real life?

What do you plan to do with your slew of Halloween-themed items in FarmVille and other Facebook games? Vote in the Blog Lunchtime Poll below: