It Girl shows off the latest fall fashions with new couture styles

It Girl Fall Couture
It Girl Fall Couture

Hey there It Girls, fall is the season for the utmost fashion sense - boots, scarves, jackets, stockings and leggings abound! It Girl has just released three new limited time fall couture items. If you don't follow It Girl too closely, you probably don't know that there are multiple ways to get clothing for your avatar. One way is by searching racks and getting lucky to find sweet deals to buy with the in-game cash. The other is by purchasing clothing outright using Facebook Credits from the catalog. Today, the catalog was updated with these three new items:

Splashy Rain Boots - 21 points, Outdoor/Casual, 53 Facebook Credits
Soft Wool Jacket - 19 points, Outdoor/Casual/Nightlife, 47 Facebook Credits
Stitched Leather Bag - 18 points, Outdoor/Casual/Nightlife/Music, 41 Facebook Credits

These items are limited quantity, so each one has a set amount available. If you miss your chance now, it's possible you may never be able to purchase these items again. If you're low level, these are a good buy because you are almost guaranteed to win every showdown you come across.

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