Island Paradise lets zebras and parrots run loose

Island Paradise zebras and parrots
Island Paradise zebras and parrots

Island Paradise releases new animals pretty frequently, so it's hardly even news anymore. These new Zebras are too cute for words though, so we couldn't help put at least post a picture of them. You can be the proud owner of these zebras for a hefty price of 500 Meteor Credits.

The other animal that was released today is the Parrot. Although you would think it would be in the animal tab of the Island Shop, it's actually under 'Decorative'. This could be a bug, or it could be intentional. Either way, it will cost you 350 Meteor Credits to own this parrot.

Both of these new animals are only available for a limited time, so they will be gone from the game in 15 days.

Will you be buying either of these new animals, or are you holding out for an animal that hasn't been released yet? Do tell!

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