Happy Pets' Ulysses and Morpho Butterflies are hugely affordable

Bigger Butterflies
If the Butterflies already in Happy Pets weren't big enough for you, check out these massive Ulysses and Morpho Butterflies available in the Store now. Added by CrowdStar in a recent update, these beautifully winged bugs go for 32 Facebook Credits a piece aside from the special Brown Ulysses, which Level 52 players can buy for $99,795 coins--though you can buy it outright for a whopping 1096 Facebook Credits, or $109.60. In other words, this bugger is 100 percent not worth it for lower-level players. Not to mention it's far uglier than the rest.

The immensely cheaper Butterflies come in these varieties: Purple, Blue and White Morpho as well as Pink and Red Ulysses. Each Butterflies eats every four hours and will be all grown up after 24 hours. That's pretty darn quick for some of the most stunning pets in the game. Now, if only CrowdStar would add some migrating Monarch Butterflies. Just how do they know?

Will you be adding a considerably larger Butterfly to your pet collection? What's your favorite of the six adorable insects? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.
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