Happy Pets: Get a free Pink Glow Bunny today only

Happy Pets free pink glow bunny
Happy Pets free pink glow bunny

Every once in awhile a game developer surprises us by giving out free things for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Tonight is one of those nights, and Happy Pets sure is making us happy. Anyone who logs in to the game before 7am Pacific Time tomorrow morning will get a free Pink Glow Bunny delivered to their gift box. This little glow bunny is part of the new Glow Animals set, which contains a lot of different glowing animals.

When placed in your home, this little pet glows a light pink and hops around like any good bunny rabbit should. While Crowdstar are calling this a special fan giveaway, you don't need to click a link on the fan page in order to get it. Simply log in to the game anytime before tomorrow morning to get this exclusive pet.

Did you get your Pink Glow Bunny yet?