Get $5 free at the Playdom Gear Store with coupon code

Playdom Gear Store Coupon Code
Playdom Gear Store Coupon Code

The Playdom Gear Store contains all sorts of goodies, and not for your virtual gaming, but for your real self! Everything from t-shirts, mouse pads, notebooks, magnet sets and backpacks. This shop contains items from the top Playdom games, such as Mobsters 2, Sorority Life, Tiki Resort, Wild Ones, and Social City. These items aren't cheap though, but Playdom are offering $5.00 free to spend within the store. All you need to do is enter coupon code SL5OFF during the checkout in order to get the discount applied to your order.

Five dollars can actually go a long way in the store. You can get couple Playdom Decals for $2.99 each, or a Beverage Keychain for $4.99. Most items will cost you at least $10.00 though, but getting them at a 50% discount is a pretty sweet deal. You do still have to pay for shipping though, so you will not be able to get anything completely free. If you were wanting to buy some sweet Playdom gear, now is a good time.

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