FIFA Superstars hires Lawyers to negotiate 33 percent EA Shop discount

Club Lawyer
Club Lawyer

While it's great that your players are in a better state of mind thanks to the Sports Psychologist, their wallets are certainly not. Playfish wants to help with that by offering your team one of two Lawyers who will negotiate a 33 percent discount off all non-promotional Playfish Cash items for just 24 hours in FIFA Superstars. That sounds brilliant on paper, but lawyers gotta' make a livin' too--to the tune of 30 Playfish Cash (about $5.50).

There's something about paying money to save money that just doesn't gel with us. While it is realistic, this is a video game after all--not everything has to be true to life. If you're a big time spender in FIFA Superstars, the Lawyer will do wonders for your wallet--but steer clear if you're uncertain whether you'll take full advantage. For the high rollers out there, you better whip out the credit cards now as the Lawyers will only be around until Nov. 7.

Will you be making use of the Lawyers' legal expertise? Do you think Playfish should have charged as much as they are for this 24-hour discount? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.

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