Fashion World Golden Totems offer sweet weeklong bonuses

Fashion World Golden Totems
Fashion World Golden Totems

Fashion World has just debuted four new Golden Totems in the game, which provide temporary bonuses for having them in your store. These totems are buildable, so you need to collect materials from your friends in order to complete them. The other thing interesting about these totems is that unlike most other collaborative building items in other games, these offer sweet bonuses for your stop but only last one week. This means that in order to keep bonuses such as more coin earning power, you need to build the totems again. A great plan for Fashion World, as this keeps people requesting items from their friends and keeps people interested in the game.

The new totems are:

Golden Idol - Earn more money from each sale in your shop. Requires 8 materials, or 6 Facebook Credits.
Many Hands - Produces items with a single click. Requires 4 materials, or 3 Facebook Credits
Clothes Fairy - Delivers extra units each week. Requires 8 materials or 6 Facebook Credits.
Haste - Halves all production times in your shop. Requires 12 materials or 18 Facebook Credits.

These seem like pretty substantial bonuses that will make the game a lot easier to play. Pardon us while we leave now to go work on building our Golden Totems!