FarmVille Mystery Game restocked with red and orange theme


In keeping with the changing colors of the leaves outside, Zynga has restocked the FarmVille Mystery Game tonight with new items in an orange and red theme.

The items available include the Scarlet Ibis and Baby Giraffe that we brought you a sneak peek of yesterday, along with other items that will give your farm some exclusive (if a bit expensive) personality.

This week, each play of the Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash, but Zynga swears that it's better than the traditional Mystery Box, as you have a better chance of receiving what you want from the Game, as opposed to the Box, which could easily fill your farm with duplicate items.

Remember, these Mystery Games are only available for a limited time - in this case, just five days, so play fast if you want a chance at collecting all of the available items.

Will you play the orange and red Mystery Game, or will you wait for next week's theme? Let us know in the comments.