EA submits to Facebook, signs five-year Facebook Credits deal

Facebook Credits
Facebook Credits

Just like Zynga and CrowdStar before it, Electronic Arts has finally given in to Facebook and signed a five-year deal with the social network to use Facebook Credits as its exclusive virtual currency, the Wall Street Journal reports. While this will surely simplify the purchasing process for us gamers, it will also put a nice extra wad of cash in Facebook's pocket. In what seems to be the standard deal the website is offering the developers who use its platform, Facebook will get a 30 percent cut of all purchases made using the currency.

Although Playfish--which was recently taken in by EA--games like Pet Society and Restaurant City already offer players Playfish Cash packages tailored for Facebook Credit users, this deal will likely mean the end of the studio's homemade currency. (Though, keen players will notice it hasn't for Zynga just yet.)

When we said that this deal will simplify the purchasing process, we meant it. Simply put, every 10 cents is one Facebook Credit, meaning that 40 Facebook Credits is equal to $4 USD, 400 would cost $40 and so on. But don't think this is will make items in Playfish games any cheaper--they'll likely change in relation to the cost of Facebook Credits. Not to mention that if this is as similar as it seems to Facebook's previous agreements with developers, direct purchases through credit or debit cards will still be available. For those of you who use your card regardless, expect a few cosmetic changes to the purchasing screen, but for the Facebook Credit faithful: rejoice and hurry to the nearest Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Target.

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