DISH Network salesman duped me: Help me, WalletPop

Jean Chatzky HelpMe WalletPop
Jean Chatzky HelpMe WalletPop

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Q.I was completely duped by InfinityDish, an authorized DISH Network sales dealer in my area. The salesman was polite and I decided on the "Top 120" package for $49.93 per month with free HBO & Showtime for three months...normally $24 for the package. After hearing a detailed recording, I realized there were no premium sports channels. When he came back on the line I requested the premium sports channel package. We specifically talked about the Lakers (80% of their televised games are on Fox Sports West) and the Pac 10 (specifically UCLA). We probably talked for more than 5 minutes about how we watch sports more then regular TV. He had to have known that Fox had pulled their regional sports coverage five days earlier. I would NOT have subscribed to DISH Network. I was also promised a $25 gift card but have yet to receive it. DISH customer service was very nice and seemed knowledgeable, but they refused to allow a cancellation one day after installation. Now all Fox channels, even local, may be pulled. What is my recourse?

-- Christine Ralston