Digital Chocolate launches Vegas City on Facebook - live it up as a high roller

Just yesterday, Digital Chocolate announced the release of Hollywood City on Facebook, and not even 24 hours later, we're already seeing the next game being released in their growing lineup. This one is called Vegas City, and you guessed it, it's basically yet another clone of Millionaire City, this time set in the city of sin - Las Vegas.

Meet us behind the break for full details about this sinfully new game.

Vegas City, like Hollywood City, allows you to choose from two advisers, one male and one female: Sonny Rizzo (a mobster) and Princess Tiffany, who looks an awful lot like socialite Paris Hilton.

The story in Vegas City is that a small patch of land in the Cactus Desert has been purchased and given to you to start your own entertainment paradise. Your goal is to bring in the tourists by building casinos, hotels and the like (basically everything you'd expect from the real Las Vegas), with hotels replacing the homes found in Millionaire City, and casinos replacing some of the businesses (as this is another real-world city that you're building, some of the businesses, like food joints from Millionaire CIty, will also make an appearance here).

You can buy decorations to place around your hotels and other lodgings to increase the amount of "rent" you receive from each customer, and you can complete various quests for mostly cash rewards to build up your bank account to the point that you can purchase bigger and better hotels, businesses and landmarks (unlocked as you level up).

All told, Vegas City is basically another version of Millionaire City, but with said game resting at the #16 spot on AppData's leaderboard, we can't really blame Digital Chocolate for wanting to cash in on the success by releasing another game in the same vein.

You can play Vegas City by heading over to the game's official page on Facebook.

Let us know what you think of the game in the comments - will you give this one a try, or will you stick with the original?
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