Black Friday website round-up: Where to find the ads

Black Friday deals, Black Friday ads, Black Friday websites
Black Friday deals, Black Friday ads, Black Friday websites

With the onslaught of Black Friday stories (sorry about that, dear readers) and leaked ads, it's no surprise that consumers may be feeling a little overwhelmed and confused. But there are ways to keep track of both the ads and the deals without using a spreadsheet.

Here at Walletpop, we're doing our best to bring you Black Friday news as it comes out. When an ad gets leaked, or a retailer announces a promotion, we'll let you know. If there's a new way to save for holiday shopping, extended layaway programs and credit card pitfalls we think you should avoid, we'll let you know. But when it comes to scanning in every single page of every single ad, we defer to the experts. Yes, believe it or not, there are experts.

These days, the websites featuring Black Friday deals do a lot more than just scan the ads. At FatWallet, for example, you can search by store, price or product category. Many sites let you compile shopping lists, participate in discussions and register to receive updates and emails as new information is posted. And while there about as many Black Friday sites as there are stores with ads, here are our picks for the best of the best: