The Top 10 Overpaid Bosses

overpaid bossesHow much does your boss earn in a year? Whatever it is, it's too much, right? Of course it's easy to say that when you're not the one in the hot seat -- ask anyone in a leadership position and they'll say they're worth every penny and underpaid if anything.

Being the boss comes with all kinds of hidden stresses and responsibilities that aren't always obvious, and of course the higher the position the less the responsibilities are about day-to-day work and the more they are about the big picture.

Determining how much a company's leadership is worth is a tricky and subjective business that often results in widely varied pay scales and compensation packages, but sometimes no matter how you slice it, it's obvious the top dog is getting paid way too much.

On that note, Glass Lewis recently published their report of the top 25 overpaid CEOs. In determining how to "slice it," they considered factors such as stock price, operating cash flow, returns on assets, and growth in per-share earnings among other things. Here's what they came up with as the top 10 most overpaid bosses.

10. Eugene M. Isenberg

Position: CEO

Company: Nabors Industries

Annual salary: $38,236,842

9. Thomas J. Quinlan


Company: R.R. Donnelley & Sons

Annual salary: $10,250,792

8. Richard D. Fairbank


Company: Capital One

Annual salary: $10,076,485

7. Andrew M. Liveris


Company: Dow Chemical

Annual salary: $16,328,954

6. Daniel R. Hesse


Company: Sprint

Annual salary: $10,273,747

5. Carol Bartz


Company: Yahoo

Annual salary: $38,988,230

4. Michael S. McGavick


Company: XL Group

Annual salary: $6,202,815

3. Aubrey K. McClendan


Company: Chesapeake Energy

Annual salary: $18,551,296

2. Ronald A. Williams


Company: Aetna

Annual salary: $17,760,136

1. Steven R. Appleton


Company: Micron

Annual salary: $8,448,639

Although she comes in at a "measly" No. 5, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is getting the most attention for her inclusion on this list because she makes more than any other CEO in the entire top 25. Is she worth it? We can't say whether she is or isn't -- but you know that's been a hot topic lately at Yahoo headquarters.

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