Zynga boosts FrontierVille performance for crazy fast load times

FrontierVille Boosts
FrontierVille Boosts

Goals, rewards and items are always fun, but this is the update everyone has been waiting for. FrontierVille Info reports that that FrontierVille has been launched into hyper speed thanks to a supposed performance update by Zynga. We've tried it out ourselves and holy harvest is the game fast. The game loads for us in under 30 seconds while visits to other homesteads are nearly instantaneous.

While Zynga has been promising improvements for the past few days after the recent horrors players experienced during the Halloween festivities, these lightning-fast load times have yet to be officially announced. That being said, the game is considerably faster for at least a few lucky pioneers. Hopefully this trend continues across all of Zynga's games into the future. Without an official confirmation, it can't be said whether improvements were made considering almost everyone has a different computer configuration in their home.

Stay tuned for more details as we've contacted Zynga for comment.

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