Three Piece Suit Returns: What This Could Mean For You

work attireThe three piece suit is returning for men, reports The Wall Street Journal.

What could this return to elegance from the era of casual dress mean for you job hunters and those of you already employed?

Probably not a lot, at least not right away. Style, especially in the workplace, takes time to become standard attire. However, already it could be making inroads in organizations where the competitive advantage is sought through the dress for success approach.

That means that before you report for your in-person interview you might want to check around about that company's current dress code, informal and formal. If your network doesn't have that information, then contact the organization's human resources department and request guidance on appropriate attire.

Should the three piece suit have become the new normal, then it would be smart to blend right in with your own three piece suit. If you cannot afford to invest in a three piece suit yet, then there are nonprofit organizations such as Career Gear that provide interview clothes to males. They are the analogue of the nonprofit Dress for Success for women who need clothes for interviews. Consignment shops also carry professional attire at a fraction of the cost they would be in retail. Local tailor shops can do the alterations. Shop for the best price.

If you are already employed, then observe how the winners in the organization are dressing. They might still be in a casual mode, especially in high-tech companies. Or they, like many ambitious males, are becoming more formal in how they show up at work. Some might have even migrated to the three piece suit. Model yourself after those about one rank higher than you are.

Styles change, ranging from how you work to what you wear to work. To survive and hope to thrive, it's wise to stay current with those shifts.

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