Snow Globe Causes Airport Evacuation

stahrdust3, flickr

Sometimes a snow globe is just a snow globe. But you won't convince a TSA official of that until the bomb squad arrives. The entire Terminal A of Bradley International Airport in northern Connecticut was evacuated yesterday morning when a passenger was briefly detained and considered a snow globe bomber until the Connecticut police force gave the all-clear.

Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said today you could not have had a more orderly and peaceful situation considering the potential for mayhem.

Just before 11 a.m., a carry-on case was nabbed as it passed the screening equipment. All the Transportation Security Administration worker saw was a glass ball containing liquid, batteries and electronic wires. No serene scene of holiday snow globe cheer registered in the image. Immediately, the terminal evacuation procedure went into action as the detained suspect stood by and quietly watched. There was no ire, no anger and within 45 minutes the terminal was back in action, Vance said. The passenger boarded, snow globe in hand.

"We never know and you cannot open a case to examine an item when you think you might have explosives," Vance said.

But the Hartford area airport has been seeing more than its share of excitement recently. Last week a man tried to get through screening with a handgun in his briefcase, Vance added.

"He had the permits for it. Just forgot it was in there. But it was enough to set off alarms," said Vance. The man went on his way without incident, minus his firearm.

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