Restaurant City brings back the bats with Bleu Vampire Steak

Restaurant City Master Bleu Vampire Steak
Restaurant City Master Bleu Vampire Steak

Halloween may be over in the real world, but in Restaurant City, folks are still zapping ghouls (today's Gold Prize is the "Fettucini Mummy (special version)" which sells for 2,666 Coins), the Halloween Mystery Box remains on sale, and there's still six days to master the special Limited Edition Halloween recipes from Playfish's official Boo-licious Cook-Off contest.

But the most special Halloween recipe is the Bleu Vampire Steak, which turns your customers into bats after they've eaten. This recipe has been extended for one more week. Mastering it requires 10 Tomatoes, 10 Potatoes, and 20 Steaks. Playfish is giving away one free tomato on the game's official Facebook fanpage to help players along.

This recipe will certainly help some of you keep up your Dracula or Batman (or even vampire Batman) themes for the rest of the year. Oh, and while you're grabbing that free tomato, here's a link to free 2,000 Coins for the hell of it. (But don't thank me, it's from Playfish. I'm just passin' it on.)

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