Public Relations: Earn $85K+, Field Growing 24 Percent

public relationsPublic relations jobs are among the best in the United States, at least for pay and growth in the field. That's what Money and have determined, reports

Median compensation is about $85,000, and for mid-level positions can top out at $153,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 24 percent growth in the field between now and 2018.

There's more good news. The only barrier to entry into the business of public relations is your ability to get hired or to open your own business. What counts is getting the right kind of publicity for those you represent. That could include helping to repair their brand or reputation after a scandal or other kind of setback. Those who excel in public relations understand how to get attention. That means you have people down cold. Thanks to digital technology, you can do this on the cheap and fast. Think blogging, tweeting, podcasting, YouTubing, and making a lot of friends on Facebook. The public library has books on social media and the web is full of articles on subject. Learn and earn.

The proven way in is to simply fix some problems, whether that is developing business for a slow personal injury lawyer, raising money so the grade school softball team can travel to Spain, or help a mother in grief tell her story about screening nannies. The quickest way to get the needed experience, case studies, and references is to offer to perform the services free. Soon enough you're ready to be hired or hang out your own shingle.

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