Playdom is offering $50 for playtesters -- are you man enough for the job?

Playdom Mountain View Map Headquarters
Last Friday morning, Playdom made a post on the gigs section of Craigslist, asking for folks who'd be willing to come into their San Francisco headquarters to play "a recently released game" for $50 USD. To be qualified for the action, you'll need to allow them to videotape you playing, must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, be an experienced social gamer, and lastly, (sorry ladies!) be a guy between the age of 18-35. Now we don't know why they specifically want guys, or why they want to film you playing, but we're pretty sure they're not out to start a playtesters reality TV show for casual games. (But they do have a dorky video podcast on YouTube.)

There's also no saying how many guys they want, but the Playdom Usability Research Group does have a screening process, which will involve answering a survey through email. If they think you're the man for the job, they'll get back to you, but they're sure to be swamped with replies. As for the authenticity of this ad, we've yet to verify this. (The last time we saw something like this, Playfish was offering select players an $80 Amazon gift card to host a phone interview while folks played.) But if you have any concerns, you can contact Playdom here.

Judging by these details, we're betting this is a playtest session for their hit game ESPNU College Town, which debuted on Facebook this September. The session is scheduled to take place this coming Thursday, November 4th, during normal business hours and is expected to take an hour.
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