Pet Society's Hideeni Mystery Box lets you become the Great Hideeni

Easter BunnyPineappleTurkey
While Halloween is sadly over, you don't necessarily need an excuse to run out of the house in a costume. Well, at least in Pet Society you don't with the new Hideeni Mystery Box. (Otherwise that would be kind of weird.) This new item, for 6 Playfish Cash, will contain one of nine of the Great Hideeni's elaborate-yet-obvious disguises.

Players can also buy bundles of the Mystery Boxes at five for 24 Playfish Cash or 13 for 60 if they want to increase their chances of completing the whole Hideeni Wardrobe. These costumes would be the perfect way to prank your friends. Just dress up in one of Hideeni's ridiculous outfits, find a way to get a friend to visit you and they'll think that the real Hideeni is in town. My personal favorite is a tie between the Octopus Costume and the Pineapple Costume, because they're just both so goofy. Not to mention that my favorite colors are purple and pink and that is OK... at least that's what those t-shirts tell me.

[Image Credit: Playfish]

Which Hideeni costume is your favorite? Will you be shooting for the whole set? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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