Pet Society's Autumn Countryside Theme items feel warm and cozy

Autumn Countryside
Autumn Countryside

With the haunted hootenanny known as Halloween behind us, it's time to prepare for the homiest holiday of the year, Thanksgiving. While Playfish has somewhat beat around the bush in calling Pet Society's new theme called "Autumn Countryside," we all know what's going on there. Players will find a slew of country-focused items in nearly every store in the game to give Pet Society a nice Cracker Barrel feel. Don't look at me that... I'm from Philadelphia; it's all I know.

Anyway, you'll find everything to turn your house into the next Little House on the Prairie and then some with items like a massive Red Windmill, a Playful Piglet--though it looks more like a hog--and a Red Tractor. There are even Country outfits available so that your pets will fit the part too. Not to mention that three Mystery Boxes have been updated with items inspired by the countryside. The Blue Mystery Box now contains a Country Pasta Jar while the Gold Mystery Box has a chance of rewarding Autumn Lavender--but best of all is the Rooster Plate, which can be found in Gold Mystery Boxes as well.

Things just got a lot more FrontierVille (or are they more FarmVille?) in Pet Society, but thank Playfish for keeping the country tunes out of this. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, now.

Will you transform your pets' home into a scene from a John Wayne flick (the later ones)? Were you offended by my knock on country music? Then go on and lash out in the comments. Add Comment.

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