New Niche for Start-Ups: Anti Bullying


Anti bullying books, lectures, seminars, interventions, group training, Web kits, lobbying, and programming for television and films are big business. So big, in fact, that they are creating a new niche for start-ups.

Bloomberg Business Week discusses this fresh marketplace but only in the sub niche of the workplace. In addition, of course, is huge potential in educational institutions at all levels, cyberspace, religious organizations, and parenting. Even when just focused on workplace issues, those in this niche such as Gary Namie can earn $10,000 a lecture and $45,000 for training. Business is brisk, According to a Zogby poll, about 34 percent of workers said they had been bullied on the job. The recession has tended to increase the tendency for both superiors and co workers to bully.