Mariah Carey's next stage: Home Shopping Network

Singer Mariah Carey in diamond earrings
Singer Mariah Carey in diamond earrings

You don't sell more than 200 million albums without winning over a few disciples. Pop diva Mariah Carey is counting on those legions when she debuts her line of bling, heels and perfume on the Home Shopping Network Nov. 29.

Shoes will run between $69.90 and $199.50, while the jewelry hopes to hit the channel-surfers' sweet spot between $39.99 and $199.95, according to Women's Wear Daily, which detailed Carey's new venture in a recent story. If you want to have the sweet smell of success like Mariah, twenty-five $275 bottles of her Luscious Pink Deluxe Edition fragrance with a Swarovski-crystal butterfly design will be available. Lots of other Mariah merch to get your spangle on will hit the air as well.

Carey said she stops clicking the remote when she gets to HSN, so hawking her creations on it seemed like a natural.