Mafia Wars offers triple mastery for New York, Cuba, Moscow, & Bangkok


One of the biggest draws to Mafia Wars is the sheer amount of content available at one's disposal when playing the game. You can make your way through numerous complete cities at your leisure, each containing multiple chapters, property layouts and more. That being the case however, can often mean that newer players find themselves stuck in older cities/locations (perhaps Mafia Wars New York or Cuba), as all of their friends have moved on to bigger and better cities.

Zynga is hoping to eliminate this, by giving those newer players, or even those who have just skipped some of the older missions as newer content is released, a chance to catch up, by upping the job mastery in the old cities to triple the original amount (in addition to the bonus funds you can earn by completing jobs in these same cities). That's right, for jobs in Mafia Wars New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok, jobs can be now completed three times as quickly as before, saving you time and energy, and moving you one step closer to Mafia Wars Italy.

Just to be clear, this now means that a job that normally provides 5% job mastery per click will now offer 15%, as just one example. Zynga hasn't stated whether or not this is a permanent change or if it will only last for a short time, so make the most of this boost while you can!

Are you still playing in any of these four "old cities?" Will you take advantage of the triple mastery to try and catch up to your friends? Let us know in the comments.

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