Job Search Red Flag: Companies Offering You More Money, Nothing Else

job search warningCompanies that throw money at you may not be where you want to work, at least not long-term, observes motivation expert Joseph Grenny in Bloomberg Business Week.

Money, after you have enough compensation, does not drive most people to perform better on the job. In his book 'Drive,' Daniel Pink piles on the research to show that. Therefore, if the employer wanting to hire you or entice you to stay is talking primarily money, that could be a red flag that the organization may have obstacles to growth or even survival.

As you know from your own best work experiences, why you give your all, have initiative, and handle even negative feedback as useful are the values of the workplace. They attract, influence, and retain exactly the kinds of people who make the Marines, Yales, Apples, Sephoras, and Best Buys leaders in their categories.

Why? You usually need more than money to get up in the morning and approach employment as a mission. The odds are that you hunger to be part of something bigger than yourself, relate to superiors and co workers as allies in getting things done -- not as enemies -- and return home with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

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