FrontierVille's It's Canning Time Goal puts you on the stopwatch... Go!

It's Canning Time
For the real hardcore pioneers out there, Zynga has added a timed Goal to FrontierVille titled "It's Canning Time." Players only have two days to complete this Goal, which you could think of a Cafe WorldCatering Order... except without the friends, cooking or fancy chef hats. Alright, it was a bit of a stretch, but either way you'll only have 48 hours to complete the three requirements and the Goal will expire for everyone on Nov. 8.

SundialHarvesting the 100 Tomato plants is fairly simple considering they ripen in just 15 minutes, but the 20 Cherry Trees will take some finesse as they take four eight-minute stages before they're ready for harvest. Not to mention that they can only be harvested every eight minutes after the fact. All the while, you'll need to ask your friends for 10 Canning Jars. In other words, this will not be an easy feat for the average pioneer, so--I can't believe I'm saying this--casual players need not apply.

For tackling and accomplishing this daunting task, you will be rewarded one Sundial decoration. "Wait, you mean to say 'no XP'?" Yes, my fellow trailblazers, only a mere sundial awaits you for all of your hard work. But it is a limited edition item that we probably won't see again--so let that comfort you after slaving over multitudes of tomatoes and cherries.

Have you completed this brand new Goal yet? Was it worth the effort and, better yet, what were the secrets to your success? Please do tell in the comments. Add Comment.
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