FarmVille: Halloween half-off discount sale ends tomorrow

FarmVille Halloween 50% discount sale
FarmVille Halloween 50% discount sale

All of FarmVille's twenty-six Halloween costumes and thirty-eight decorations are expiring from the market in two days, and were being sold at 50% off since the holiday began. Players who bought these special Limited Edition items before the sale started are, understandably, a bit pissed off about this, but there's also players who are glad there's a sale, considering that "FarmVille normally isn't too lean with Farm Cash giveaways or cut-downs."

Since a lot of folks spent the holiday weekend away from their computers, Zynga's decision to keep the items in the stores for two more days after Halloween, and at a 50% discount, is a pretty good move on their part. Players will have until tomorrow night to take advantage of this offer.

The FarmVille Mystery Game, which was updated with Gothic items last week, is also set to leave the store after this sale is over. However, two of the new Halloween crops, Black Roses and Candy Corn, remain available with no expiration time attached. The Candy Corn is still selling for 20 Coins, while the Black Roses remain at 2 Farm Cash for a pack of 20 seeds.

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