Facebook shutters LOLapps games from requests, Ravenwood Fair lives on

Critter Island Request Fail
Critter Island Request Fail

Since the recent LOLappsdebacle on Facebook after the Wall Street Journal's investigative report, the company seemed to be in good shape, but today it was discovered by Inside Social Games that something has changed for the worse about LOLapps' games. As it turns out, every one of the developer's games aside from Ravenwood Fair is no longer able to process Facebook Requests of any kind.

Because LOLapps appears to be one of the few app developers that Facebook has suspended from viral channels for the next sixth months, according to Inside Social Games, players of games like Critter Island will not be able to send each other gifts or request new friends for quite some time. However, Ravenwood Fair, LOLapps' brand new game co-developed by Doom-creator John Romero, is still up and running on all cylinders. This is most likely because the game released after the whole sordid affair, not to mention it's already the company's fourth most popular game in less than a month with over 1.7 million players monthly, according to AppData.

It seems that Facebook is less interested in killing off LOLapps than in teaching the studio a lesson in fair business. Unfortunately for fans of LOLapps legacy games, their experience will be severely hindered considering sharing is a vital feature to almost all social games. Worse even is the developer's ability to grow these games virally through friend requests and Discovery Stories, which will be all but nonexistent for a long time. In other words, expect to find quite a lot of friends in Ravenwood Fair in the near future (i.e. now).

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