Digital Chocolate launches Hollywood City on Facebook - Live it up as a movie mogul

Today, Digital Chocolate, the makers of Millionaire City (the current #16 app on the whole of Facebook, according to AppData), launched a new title on Facebook called Hollywood City.

For those who have played Millionaire City, the game will immediately strike you as similar, at the very least. You'll choose from one of two advisors for your game - Dean Donson, the "rich and experienced" male character, or Jillian Jones, the "brilliant and hardworking" female character.

Meet us behind the break to learn more about Digital Chocolate's newest offering on Facebook.

The story goes that your grandfather has fallen ill at the hands of Ruth Less, a dirty player in the movie business. As your grandfather is unable to handle the family business by himself, you'll be charged with taking his place. You'll build a new business Headquarters, studio lots and so on, all in the same way that you would in Millionaire City.

Basically, the gameplay is a copy-and-paste of that seen in Millionaire City, right down to the necessity of "clearing" out plots of land on which you'll place your buildings. Homes and businesses are replaced by backlots and studios; trees and gardens are replaced by actors' trailers and media agencies - you get the idea.

The entire goal of the game is to earn as much profit as you can by running your movie studio, with each backlot you purchase corresponding to a certain type of film, which allows you to theme your projects to your choosing. Contracts allow you to earn money over time, from the short 3 minute Commercial shoot, to a Trilogy shoot that lasts a full 3 days.

Accessory items like the aforementioned actors' trailers or various offices give off the same bonuses that fountains and the like do in Millionaire City, and you'll need to use these items to your advantage when fulfilling the series of quests that the game sets out for you, like producing a certain kind of film in your documentary studio, purchasing a movie theater, and so on. Not to beat a dead horse, but if you've played Millionaire City even for just a few minutes, you will know exactly what to do here, and in theory, how to succeed.

We will say that the one thing the game has going for it over its "predecessor" is a killer soundtrack, in addition to the inclusion of Ruth Less herself, a character that will make her power known at various intervals during gameplay, as she blackmails you, threatens you, or is an all-around meanie, allowing you to choose various actions that will either boost your experience points or add money to your virtual bank account in response. One such example shows Ruth Less blackmailing you over an embarrassing, yet stolen, video tape that could ruin your reputation. You can either sue her or reveal the tape, with either your bank total or experience points being changed, depending on your choice (respectively).

For all of its comparisons to Millionaire City, if you've yet to play that title, or if you simply want a game with a Hollywood or theatrical twist, be sure to give this one a go by heading over to the Hollywood City page on Facebook.

Have you tried Hollywood City? Let us know what you think about the game in the comments.
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