CrowdStar, Happy Pets giving away iPods, spread the word (literally)

iPod Nano Giveaway
iPod Nano Giveaway

Remember way back when CrowdStar gave away a few iPads to Happy Pets players? Well, the Apple love affair continues with the company's new iPod Nano Giveaway. All you need to do between now and Nov. 11 is get as many of your friends as possible to join the pet care game on Facebook.

The five players who reign in the most new players will get the new iPod Nano; you know, the one with the motion sensor, full color multi-touch screen and built-in FM radio? Yeah, that one. While it might not be as widely useful as an iPad, it'll definitely impress when you whip out a full-featured iPod Nano not much bigger than a quarter. Hey, keep participating and who knows what CrowdStar might hand out next (MacBooks anyone?). Check the promo banner in-game for more information and good luck convincing your hater friends to at least try out the game. (Hint: no one ever said that they had to play the game.)

Will you be entering the contest for an iPod Nano? Now that we've ruined our plans for victory, what's your winning strategy? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.