Cafe World Coffee Machine upgraded with limited time brews


The Cafe World Coffee Machine has proven to be a great way to earn a quick and practically instant boost in your cafe's popularity, by adding multiple Buzz Rating points per cup of coffee served. Now, the feature has been updated to offer even more opportunities to earn said bonuses, by allowing you to transform your Coffee Machine into a Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewer.

This is part of a new cross-promotion between Zynga and the real world Tassimo, which will see you being able to serve limited time brews within your own Cafe. There are four limited edition brews to serve, ranging from a Signature Blend to a good old-fashioned cup of Hot Chocolate.

The drinks cost anywhere from 12 to 43 energy points to brew, and you'll brew between 5-9 servings of each type when you spend the energy. All four drinks can be mastered, but they'll only be available until November 30, so be sure to start serving up these limited edition drinks to your customers while they are still available!

Also, feel free to take advantage of the in-game offer of $25 off a real-world Tassimo single cup home brewing system, via the link provided in-game. It's still a pricey machine, to be sure, but if you're in the market, this could be just the savings you've been looking for!

Will you serve these limited edition drinks to your guests in Cafe World, or would you rather stick with the permanent coffee drinks? Let us know in the comments.