Unusual Minibar Items

The Levin Hotel

You may have noticed some strange items in your minibar next to the overpriced candy, peanuts, and soda.

Comparing today's minibar with those that first appeared in Europe in the 1960s and America in the 1970s is like comparing silent movies with Pixar animation. Yes, the snacks are still there, but now they are only bit players next to the newest minibar stars: exotic bottled waters, toys, and even poolside essentials like flip-flops and bikinis. These ten hotels will make you look twice at the minibar, full of items so surprising that you won't mind racking up another room charge.

Unusual Hotel Mini Bar Items

Hotel Helix

10. Hotel Helix, Washington, D.C.

Forget Toblerone. At Kimpton's Hotel Helix, the minibars are stocked with Pez dispensers (pretend you are bringing them back for the kids, we won't tell). If you aren't a fan of small rectangles of sugar, book the Helix's sister property. Kimpton's Hotel Rouge raises the whimsical mini-bar with red wax lips.
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Unusual Hotel Mini Bars

The Cooper Square Hotel

9. Cooper Square Hotel, New York, New York

Decided on a night out on the town, but only packed for sightseeing? The minibars at this Manhattan boutique hotel offer up makeup kits from Lorraine as well as bold, vintage-inspired necklaces from Tina Thor that will make even jeans and a T-shirt evening-ready. And don't worry-there are the usual chocolates and wine if you decide instead on a night in.
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Unusual Hotel Mini Bars

Ace Hotel

8. Ace Palm Springs, Palm Springs, California

In Palm Springs, one of the most demanding parts of the day is deciding which pool to lounge next to. The Ace Hotel & Swim Club thoughtfully stocks their minibars with pairs of Brazilian-made Havaianas flip-flops that are guaranteed to keep your soles cool on the hot-baked California pavement. Adding a dash of fun, the white sandals with a black strap are themed for the resort with a tiny coyote medallion (the hotel's de facto icon) attached.
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7. XV Beacon, Boston, Massachusetts

Housekeeping carts were once packed with aerosol room sprays to neutralize the after-effects of cigarette odors. That's not such an issue now, as smokers are quarantined off, but that doesn't mean rooms always smell their best. XV Beacon thoughtfully provides a canister of homeopathic bliss in their minibar: The City Life Detoxer from Sprayology. Designed to counter the airborne pollutants and low-grade toxins found in cities, the detoxer is mixed with St. Mary's thistle-an ingredient that some believe alleviates coughing, weariness and breathing difficulties. With your bed's 400-thread Frette linens and a shot of this oral mist sprayed under your tongue, you will be ready for a good night's rest.
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Unusual Hotel Mini Bars

The Levin Hotel

6. The Levin Hotel, London

Instead of just having a bar in the lobby, this Knightsbridge hotel put one in every room. More specifically, a Champagne cocktail minibar. Each fridge comes filled with half-bottles of Champagne like Krug Grande Cuvée and Laurent-Perrier Brut, plus mixers. There's also a variety of stemware, though no points are taken off for using the wrong glass.
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5. The Dupont Hotel, Washington, D.C.

This perfectly located hotel on Dupont Circle has a special perk for guests checking in on Level Nine. Unlike those on floors one through eight, where minibars are sadly just minibars, the concierge level's rooms have a complimentary (yes, free) minibar stocked with full-size bottles of Belvedere Vodka, 10 Cane Rum, Tanqueray, Johnnie Walker Black, and a half-bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne. If you happen to polish one off, just call the desk and the empty one will be replenished.
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Unusual Hotel Mini Bars

W Retreat & Spa, Maldives

4. W Retreat & Spa, Maldives

It goes without saying that if you can arrange a vacation at the W Retreat in the Maldives you're already doing pretty well. And chances are, you probably packed a bathing suit or two (you are going to an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean). But if you happened to forget, the W comes to the rescue with the only mini-bar on earth that provides a $275 purple Heidi Klein bikini accented with silver accessories. If the in-room swimwear is a tad too snug or loose, the "bikini butler" will bring a better fitting model to your room.
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3. Trump International Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

Teetotalers rejoice. The minibar at this hotel comes stocked not only with bottle after bottle of liquor, but also with bottle after bottle of...water. The in-room water library allows you to taste eau from around the world, including Tasmanian Rain from Australia; Malmberg, mineral water from small village of Yngsjö on the southeast coast of Sweden; 420 from the New Zealand Alps. The star is the best-selling Bling H2O, whose frosted bottle accented with Swarovski crystals makes it the coolest one in the bar.
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Unusual Hotel Mini Bars

Noble House Hotels & Resorts

2. Edgewater Hotel, Seattle, Washington

Hotels strive to provide their guests with little creature comforts. The Edgewater takes it an extra step by providing little creatures in their minibars, namely teddy bears and rubber duckies. The snugly bears come in black and brown, and there are a variety of ducks on offer if you want to splash around in the bath. Even better: The Edgewater donates a dollar from the sale of each duckie to the
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1. W Dallas – Victory, Dallas, Texas

Whether on a business trip or a vacation, the last thing a traveler wants at the end of the day is to be wired. That's why this Dallas W stocks their minibar with iChill. Think of it as the anti-energy drink. The blend of melatonin, valerian root, rose hips, and B vitamins is said to calm the body and the mind after stressful day. Just don't forget to schedule a wake-up call.
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