Treasure Isle offers eight energy increasing boats for one day only

With games like Treasure Isle, it's easy to become a bit overwhelmed with all of the islands that can be cleared, but the sheer lack of energy available to do it. To that end, Zynga has released a practical treasure trove of boats in the past, with these boats adding permanently to your maximum energy. However, these boats tend to be removed from the store quickly.

Such is the case with today's one-day-only sale, offering eight incredibly limited edition boats, ranging from 35-60 Island Cash in price, for the next 12 hours only.

The boats, as seen in the shot above, are the Swan Boat, 3D Boat, Cat Boat, Gondola, Mushroom Boat, Rubber Ducky Boat, Egyptian Boat, and Paper Boat (you'd think it'd be too soggy to float, but this is just a game after all). Depending on the amount of Island Cash you want to spend, the bonus to your energy will vary.

For the boats that cost 35 Island Cash, for instance, you'll only receive a +1 bonus to your maximum energy, while the most expensive boats (again, those costing 60 Island Cash) add 3 points to your total energy.

If you've got the Island Cash on hand to spare, and want to add one of these boats to your island's waters, make sure to do it fast. Wait longer than today and you'll miss out entirely.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Have you already purchased an Energy Boost boat in Treasure Isle? Will you purchase one of these limited models? Let us know in the comments.