Treasure Isle Halloween Mystery Airdrop: Pick one up to snag spooky decorations


A new Mystery Airdrop (think Mystery Box of Mystery Gift) is now available to purchase from the Treasure Isle store. The Mystery Airdrop has been completely themed for Halloween, down to the orange and black container, complete with surrounding bats and pumpkins.

For 25 Island Cash, you can purchase one of these Mystery Airdrops, which contain completely brand new, limited edition, spooky and terrifying Halloween-themed items. As we can see on a post on the official Treasure Isle fan page (see the image above), some of the items inside are a Mummy, Frankenstein, Headless Horseman, Dracula, Ghost, Pumpkin Scarecrow, and even a menacing skeleton (well, a skyll and hand anyway) that seem to be digging through the ground towards the surface. Creepy!

Be sure to grab one of these fast if you're at all interested, as we're sure they won't be around for long. Happy Halloween!

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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Will you purchase a Halloween Mystery Airdrop, or are you fine with the selection of Halloween items already available in the game's store? Let us know in the comments.