Restaurant City Spooky Organ only available until Monday

For the next two days, Playfish is offering a limited edition Spooky Organ to players of Restaurant City. The Organ is an arcade machine or sorts, that earns 1500 coins every 6 hours. That's nothing to scoff at, if you're a regular player that will always be around to cash out those profits. Don't worry though, if you don't play the game for a while, your 1500 coins won't go anywhere, and will be waiting for you the next time you login.

Unfortunately, there's no other special effect that comes along with the Organ - it's more just a creepy accessory to add a bit of Transylvanian fright to your restaurant. It does animate, however, which is better than nothing. For 35 Playfish Cash you can add one of these Organs to your restaurant, just do so fast, as the Organ will leave the store after Monday.

Happy Halloween!

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