Happy Island goes medieval with Knights of the Round theme

In addition to the Halloween celebration currently taking place in Happy Island, users can also travel back in time, way back to the time of Arthur and the Knights of the Round, via the addition of a 20+ item theme, containing both attractions and decorative items to round out the theme.

The attractions are items like Sir J. Harris, a jouster on horseback (we're assuming he's an attraction as your tourists would be able to watch him joust), Drake's Roost, and Sir R. Dawson's Place (an English cottage in appearance).

Meanwhile, you can pick up a whole slew of decorative items, ranging from street lanterns that cost 1 Facebook Credit (10¢ each) and tents of many colors, to a whole series of Medieval Wall pieces, allowing you to construct an entire fortress around your other themed decorations and attractions.

Of course, you can also purchase the Round Table itself, which functions as a decorative item, available to purchase for 7,500 coins. Really, most of the items in this theme are pretty affordable, at least in terms of decorations (the most expensive costing 15 Facebook Credits, or the equivalent of $1.50). Some of the attractions do cost a few dollars each, but with so many items available to choose from in this theme, you could probably skip them altogether if the price was too high and not lose out on any of the fun of the theme. We definitely can't complain with that.

Will you create a medieval wonderland on your Happy Island? Let us know in the comments.