City of Wonder Halloween: Add a Costume Shop and Guillotine to your town before it's too late

Just as with real world circumstances, there are always those shoppers that wait until the last minute for Christmas presents, Halloween candy, and other time-sensitive pick-ups. Playdom seems to have accounted for this, as they have released some last-minute Halloween decorations to the Bulletin in City of Wonder.

These items are (clearly) limited edition, and come in the form of a Guillotine and a Costume Shop. The Guillotine is a military item, with 125 Attack and 20 Defense points, while the Costume Shop adds 750 Trade Points to your town, but also earns 950 coins every eight hours (the type of coins that you have to remember to cash out in order to earn).

There are less than 10,000 units of the Guillotine to go around but it seems as though the Costume Shop will just be available to all those that go shopping this weekend for it. Either way, both items will set you back 25 Gold pieces.

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Will you pick up either of these new additions in City of Wonder? Let us know in the comments.

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