Zynga streamlines FarmVille news posts - collect items in fewer clicks!


A few months ago, Zynga made an interesting move in their update of FarmVille news feed posts. Instead of being able to click on a free Mystery Egg, lost animal, experience point boost or any other free item posted by your friends and receive them instantly, they added a second step, which slowed down the process considerably.

Up until yesterday, when accepting any of these news feed rewards, you would have to go through a confirmation step before actually receiving your prize. Now, however, the step of "Do you want to accept this gift?" has been removed entirely, streamlining the gifts acceptance process to the point that you can now simply click on a news feed item and receive the reward in one click.

Instead of the above, as you receive your reward (whatever that reward may be), you may or may not be taken to a page where you can voluntarily send a gift back to your friend as a thank you. Again, this is voluntary and can be skipped entirely if you so choose.

For an example, when claiming a free nail from a building material post, you'll see a page containing a graphic like the image above, simply alerting you to the fact that your nail has been successfully added to your Gift Box - no secondary clicking necessary.

As of right now, Zynga is still working on moving over all feed reward posts to the new system, so if you still see the "Do you want to accept this?" page, be patient, as we're sure Zynga will change them all over as quickly as possible.

What do you think of this change? Did you like the old way of accepting gifts, or are you looking forward to test-driving this new format? Let us know in the comments.