What's Hot on HousingWatch This Week

With fewer people opting for default, a spike in home sales, and a federal investigation into the cause of the foreclosure crisis, it's looking like we may finally be on the road to recovery. See these stories and more, when you check out what was hot on HousingWatch this week:

1. Walking Away From Homes Losing Appeal?
While the "strategic default" trend may not have entirely run its course, it does seem like underwater homeowners are turning to default as a last resort these days. Read more.

2. Rent Too Damn High? How to Lower Yours
His carefully manicured facial hair may be over-the-top, but the message of New York's Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party, is firmly grounded in reality. Read more.
3. Foreclosure Mess Draws FBI's Interest
For anyone who thought that the lack of industry oversight that led to the recent
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foreclosure crisis was simply criminal, the FBI might agree. Read more.

4. Damon Dash's Funky Real Estate Drama
Record exec Damon Dash is singing the blues as his foreclosed-on Tribeca loft is listed by an enterprising flipper at a whopping 100 percent profit over Dash's original purchase price. Read more.

5. Home Sales Spike: Real Sign of Recovery?
The latest graphs show a recent spike in home sales: sign of recovery? Or yet more lingering effects of recent tax credits? Get to the bottom of it when you read more.

6. Buying Foreclosures: Do You Own the Title?
Foreclosure is not only a nightmare for the person who loses their home -- it can also become a disaster for the new owner if the bank handling the seizure doesn't cross all the T's. Read more.

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