Happy Aquarium Pumpkin Doggie: Get one while they last!

If you're a fan of limited edition Happy Aquarium items (and we know you are), then why not take a look at this downright adorable Pumpkin Doggie, a particularly limited Tank Mate that will have you saying "Awww" in less than a blink of an eye.

The Pumpkin Doggie is only available until Halloween, or until the 2100 or so units have been purchased, whichever limit comes first. Surprisingly, this is actually a fairly affordable item, even for being so limited. It costs just 19 Facebook Credits, or $1.90 US. Conversely, you can also purchase one with Pearls - 23 Pearls to be exact.

In addition, the item isn't limited to one per person, so feel free to fill your tank with Pumpkin Doggies if you so choose.

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Will you purchase a Pumpkin Doggie for you tank this Halloween? Let us know in the comments.