Cafe World Collections Cabinet: Everything you need to know

If you've played Cafe World for some time now, you'll know how much Zynga loves releasing construction projects in the game. The newest item has been released this weekend, and comes in the form of a Collections Cabinet, which, as the name suggests, brings a collection feature to the game, allowing you to earn special rewards.

Meet us behind the break for everything you need to know about this new cabinet and feature.

First and foremost, you'll need to build the Collections Cabinet, either by asking your friends for help or by purchasing it (or the ingredients to build it) with Cafe Cash.

The Cabinet can be purchased flat out for 75 Cafe Cash, or you can collect 40 ingredients: 10 each of Drawers, Handles, Mounting Bolts, and Paint. You can acquire these ingredients by asking your friends for help. Simply click on the "Ask for More" button associated with the particular ingredient you want to collect, and you'll be taken to a reverse of the game's free gifts menu, where you can send your friends gift requests for those items.

If at any time you'd like to stop waiting for your friends to help you, you can purchase ingredients with Cafe Cash, at a rate of 2 Cafe Cash per individual ingredient. It should be noted that if you choose to place the free Collections Cabinet base from your inventory and then purchase the ingredients individually, you'll wind up paying 80 Cafe Cash, which is actually more than the flat rate you can spend by simply purchasing the Cabinet from the store fully completed.

Once you have completed your Collections Cabinet, you'll be able to complete various collections by simply completing actions in the game that you normally would anyway. You can earn different collection items based on the different actions you take (cooking in your own Cafe, spicing your friends' dishes, completing Catering missions, and so on). Completing these collections earns you coins, and Cafe Points (the game's experience points), with the possibility of much better rewards being available in the future.

Will you immediately go to work building the Collections Cabinet, or are you still trying to build the Halloween Lightning Stove or Drink Bar? Let us know your thoughts on the inclusions of Collections in Cafe World in the comments. Add comment
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