Parents Becoming Entrepreneurs: A Growing Trend

People who become parents find becoming entrepreneurs a very natural next step. Consequently, an increasing number of the 66.2 million parents in the United States are creating start-up businesses, reports Portfolio

This phenomenon is taking place for two reasons. One, becoming a parent changes so much. The process, especially for the first time, breaks adults open to see the world in new ways. Therefore, they begin framing problems and solutions in modes they never would have before. That itself pulls them out of the comfort zone as well as gives a shot of confidence. Soon enough a service or product emerges as doable to deal with a common parenting situation.

Secondly, there is a longing to remain at home. This is practical with child-care costs so high. This is also emotional with the profound bond to the child parenting brings about. That brings the motivation to experiment with a small business, even if their bent had never been that way before parenthood.

The article in Portfolio features a mother who had difficulty with nanny services and launched her own client-centric one. Another mother invented a product for runny noses.

Necessity, goes the old saying, is the mother of invention. Parents find themselves confronted by necessities they never anticipated bumping up against. Their creativity is on overdrive. If they need the income, that innovative bent is likely to be pragmatically channeled.

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