New York Senator's Home-Sale Challenge


Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York is running for re-election at a tough time for her party. But selling her home in the gentrified, former industrial city of Hudson, N.Y. might even be trickier.

Gillibrand, 43, and her husband, Jonathan, called the five-bedroom, 4.5-bath home on 13 acres their primary residence until she was elected to the House of Representatives. She was later appointed U.S. senator to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton when Clinton was named secretary of state.

In 2007, the couple and their two sons moved to a second home in Washington, D.C., though they still spent time in Hudson, where the home is situated near working farms.

When the Gillibrands first listed the house in April, the price was $1.71 million; now they're asking $1.48 million.

The agent describes the classic early 20th century farmhouse as fit for the fictional Jay Gatsby, and -- with a barn and four-car garage included, and just a couple hours' drive from New York City -- she may be about right. (Scroll down to see the photos.)

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